Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mingle with a medieval mob


Mdina is a superb city. I've frequently compared it to Joan Collins - It's so well preserved it looks the same as it did in it's heyday, but without the smut. Most Valletta G-House guests love it (Mdina, not the smut), while some complain it is too immaculate, lacking in city colour.

This coming weekend Mdina becomes Medieval, with pageantry, jousting tournaments, medieval football (If that is anything like Florence's Calcio Storico, that'll be a feast for the eyes), human chess games, medieval knights, men in Medieval costumes and, best of all, traditional medieval food and an abundance of wine and beer.

There will also be guided tours and relics of the past (no more Joan jibes please) as well as attractions like Punch and Judy, jesters, jugglers and donkey rides.

If you want a respite from the primitive throng outside, I beg you to take a peek at the amazingly beautiful Palazzo Falson. Chances are it might also be crowded but with a rather more enlightened assemblage, one would imagine. If not to look at the historical artifacts on show, perhaps you could have tea in the highest place of all, upstairs.

Take bus number 80, 81, 82, 84, 86 to Rabat Bus Terminus from Valletta Gate

The table is set at Palazzo Falson

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