Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Malta Times - editing or censorship?

Since the Times of Malta online introduced the facility for instant comment, we're now able to get the word on the streets. At times, glancing through some of the comments gives me a sense of nausea. Grammar and spelling are bad enough but it is the hatred and prejudice of some of the comments that is most upsetting.

The comments under a recent news article on the Greens' proposals were from the usual holier than thou who would seem to have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo at all costs.

I decided to send my comment. Only half of it appeared so I complained. They then took it out altogether. As a matter of principle, I publish my comment in full here. You'll need to read the article and comments to follow:

Oh my gawd, all the Mary Whitehouses on the island have turned up to shout in their Pidgin English - The world's end is nigh. It is sadder still when you consider that AD's half baked proposal is actually an insult to all those whose monogamous relationships have been dumped in with old kinsfolk and mates who's only motive for co-habitation is purely practical. We're stuck with the best of a bad lot politically, I suppose. I don't see the other two amateur parties sticking out their necks for lurve either. If you lot of island pansies want anything to change, you need to think about choosing to be there next Pride (and I don't mean exclusively for the party after).

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  1. The funny thing is that they censored the first part of my comment and not the second. It seemed OK for me to call the local gay community "island pansies" but never, god forbid, should one be allowed to insult anyone by calling them a "Mary Whitehouse"!