Friday, February 27, 2009

Valletta G-House on food-lover's blog


"I am not a chef or a professional cook. My qualification is that I love to eat and I firmly believe that one can't ever cook well unless you love food and in turn eating."

Nanette writes a blog about food and lives in Australia but her parents are Maltese so mouthwatering Maltese dishes frequently find their way amongst her beautifully illustrated recipes. This usually makes me get homesick for my mother's own cooking.

"I guess I have always been passionate about food and I think this has something to do with my heritage and upbringing. My parents are Maltese and immigrated to Australia in the 1960's. They are both of the generation and belief that 'Food is Love' so the greater amount of food, the greater the love."

Her latest blog is about our boutique accommodation in Valletta. Nanette writes:

"The Valletta G-House is an elegant private town house nestled within the walls of Valletta and is a 10-minute walk from capital's waterfront. This 16th century home has been painstakingly restored with great attention to detail and comes fully equipped with all the latest modern conveniences, whilst still managing to retain its original character."

We shall certainly keep an eye on Nanette's blog. Her combination of cooking and design is one that mixes well. When I'm back in the UK, in a few months' time, I shall try cooking some of the dishes on Gourmet Worrier, but until then I shall have to sit back and enjoy my mama's own cooking.

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