Tuesday, November 04, 2008

68 St Lucy Street

A fascinating new exhibition space in Valletta has brought new life into the city. Alexandra Pace and her partner Nadine who are the creative minds behind the agency LAB1977 have transformed an empty property in Valletta (a heirloom) into this amazing 4 storey space to launch RedPrints, a fine art website. The space itself is worth a visit, large high ceiling rooms with patterned tiles. The current exhibition is open until 11 November and is divided in 4 sections; 56 photos lovingly printed in a darkroom.

The parallel projects - creating 56, mostly black and white photographs, shot on film, and the simultaneous rehabilitation of the house - have been followed on Facebook, attracting artists' attention. Ms Pace has posted both art and conversion processes online, through images and video, allowing viewers to take part in the progress.
The 16 rooms remain empty but Ms Pace maintains that a gallery should be simple and not overshadow the works. They have been cleaned up and adequate lighting and hanging facilities installed, while the colour schemes of the walls are those of her grandmother's days but afforded a fresh coat.
They are adorned with collections of sculptural male and female nudes, Soldier Boy and Boutique; another of underwater shots, Santa Marija; and one depicting food and entitled Maggie's Kitchen, after the photographer's mother, who was brought up in the house and is a "fantastic" cook.
The Times of Malta

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