Friday, October 31, 2008

Canadian Affability and November Oranges

If there is one thing that I love about having a holiday place is the people I get to meet. With some, there's an immediate link and you feel as though one has known them all one's life. It does not happen with each and every guest - most guests choose a holiday rental precisely to be independent so one cannot expect to strike instant friendships each time. I guess some people are just friendlier, like our Canadian guests Jack and Sherrie. I send my love to them here. I understand they have not had the most pleasant of journeys, going back.

I have just picked up our next guests from the airport. They were booked for the November Oranges Special. The idea was that my dad's tree usually produces some lovely juicy Maltese oranges but they were not ripe in time, so I drove all around Malta looking for ripe Maltese oranges. I did eventually find a little shop in Valletta that had some. I added a jar of Savina's lovely Honey with Orange (lovingly presented) and a Medina wine bottle from Delicata to the welcome pack and thought I would photograph it for the blog.

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