Saturday, September 20, 2008

Truly Trazzled

Started by Adam Rugel, Trazzler is a travel website that goes after inspiration. Rather than for loads of information it goes for a feeling. This is what it says about Valletta (and yes - it does mention our house):

"Most tourists, looking for nothing more than a sunny beach, tend to bypass lovely Valletta for the soulless package-vacation resorts further along the coast. Which is why the city—touted as a living museum—still retains the unspoiled, weathered charm of a place forgotten. Perched on a peninsula with panoramic views of the Mediterranean and the ancient harbor below, Valletta's architecture is a baroque dream—sun-drenched honey-colored limestone, wood balconies, carvings, and shady nooks. Get inside the warm glow of those stone walls and book a week in a 16th century apartment (like the romantic Valetta G-House) and explore the island to your heart's content."

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