Saturday, September 20, 2008

Notte Bianca

I recall last year's Notte Bianca brought to Valletta an atmosphere of rejoicing and, although the crowds in some of the central parts of Valletta took one's breadth away, a great excitement and pride in the city filled the fine summer air. The queues at places such as Castille I intentionally avoided (I have had occasion to be invited for a concert there before anyway) and went for some of the less well known auberges that opened their doors to the public on the occasion. The city for one night belongs in its entirety to the people who flock mostly via public transport to the Capital City.

Notte Bianca this year promises to be spread further afield (as far as the Auberge de Baviere in the North of the city). The programme is not set in stone yet but here are a few of the highlights that caught my attention.

Fashion will this year feature at The Malta Stock Exchange building with designers Charles and Ron whose shows are full of glamour and drama. I have known these two amazing creatives for some time and feel that their real success is yet to come.

04 October also coincides with the date Caravaggio escaped from Malta and in occasion there is an Italo-Maltese theatre production "Caravaggio in Bianco e Nero"

Shakespeare, a product of the 16th century will live within the walls of the city built in the same time. Follow the performers as Valletta doubles as Verona, the courts of Venice and the backdrop for over 30 plays.

This year, museums will join churches and historical buildings in opening up their doors for an evening of Culture and fun, an evening of leisurely summer wonderings about a city with history in abundance.

As the night of the 4th falls on a free night for Valletta G-House, I will be having some friends over for a drink and something to eat, a break from the crowds. It's not often I get to use the house myself - the privilege usually falls to those who have booked the house months before.

I will blog again after the event and give you a taste of how it went.

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