Monday, April 06, 2009



I can safely say that last Friday's exhibition opening at 68 St Lucy Street was a hit. Square is a collective exhibition of works, the common theme of which is the 10 x 10 inches size of each work. I usually find that the absence of a brief results in chaos, but if that were the case this was one pleasant chaos. The Valletta town house that has been converted into a space for creativity a few months ago keeps on providing us with outstanding stimulation for the brain and for the heart. Square will be open until 19 April. 68 is an 8 minute walk from Valletta G-House.

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  1. I do totally agree with you that the exhibition was a hit. What impressed me most was a painting made by a local artist from Valetta unfortunatelly I do not remember his name:/ it symbolised a almost naked woman standing on a wood fishing boat holding net. I can surely say that the painting was one of the most amazing I have ever seen:) I hope that in the future I will visit your beautyful country again:)

    Best reguards,
    Adam Dudzik