Sunday, April 19, 2009

The joys of being a host

These few months I have been here in Malta due to other commitments has given me the opportunity to meet with our Valletta G-House guests. Unlike a B&B or a hotel, ours is a private town house (we originally did the place up for ourselves) and so we like to make our guests feel special, like old friends who have come to stay. The preparation is part of the joy of being a host and I shall miss doing this when I return to the UK and hand the job over to my dad again.

Our florist

Day starts with a visit to our florist early in the morning before he gets busy. The flowers go in the bedroom upstairs, so the flowers cannot be cottagey but neither too formal. I have always thought fresh flowers bring a nice touch to a house, something no inanimate decoration can.

Welcome pack

It's the little extras in the welcome pack that make it that little bit more special. Lately we've taken to putting in Italian espresso coffee (Lavazza) and a sweet small moka pot just for two. It does make a pleasant change from the horrible taste of instant coffee. The fresh fruit, depending on the season give a local feel to the woven basket. The Maltese bread, wine and Galletti (biscuits) are a staple part of the welcome basket. It's not the first time that there is a final mad rush to soource one or another of the welcome pack contents especially if it's a Sunday or public holiday. Other basic groceries such as milk and mineral water are of course also taken care of.

And finally it's making sure I'm at Malta International Airport to welcome our guests personally. I keep an eye on the Arrivals page via my computer because it is not the first time that flights are not on time.

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